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Artek Vintage Catalog

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situation in which a stone or chain of stones may be captured on the next move (in the game of go) 
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Size: Length 30cm / width 21cm

Artek (Altec) in 1935 by Alva Ah Art, Aino A-Art, Meire Grixen, Nils-Gustav Harl, "not only selling furniture, but also promotes modernism culture by exhibitions and enlightenment activities It was established with Finland Helsinki for the purpose of ".
A number of masterpieces furniture attracts people around the world.

This item is a vintage catalog of Artek.It is a catalog with a bellows bellows of 3 peaks of one sheet of paper.

A number of masterpieces that Alva Aart designed by Alva Auto, such as stool 60, chair 69, armchair 406, etc. know.

It is distributed or sold in the Dutch SMID interior shop. The details regarding the production time of this catalog are unknown, but it seems to be before 1980. A few rare books that can not be obtained easily.

It is very recommended as a reference to the designer, advertisement, and art relationship. Also, it is a wonderful catalog even if it is framed and decorated.

This is not a reprint or restore item, but an original item. There are threads and detailed scratches and dirt, but there is no noticeable damage.


This is a vintage catalog.There may be a long-standing aging, and there is damage or dirt. We ask for these conditions as a vintage characteristic and have you purchased it.

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