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Beach Cloth Vest-Salt & Pepper

Beach Cloth Vest-Salt & Pepper

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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

SIZE: 40/42/44/46


Origin: Made In Japan

Material: Original Beach Cloth

Best using familiar materials in the vintage market as Brown's Beach Cloth (Browns Beach Cross). This is a color called Sesame salt.

In Anatomica, we developed this beach cross independently and create the best in the original pattern.
Anatomica's Beach Cross Best features are in their own pattern. The longer length is set longer than the general beach crossing, and it can be worn elegantly with a beautiful silhouette along the human body.

This beach Cross is called Russell Knitting, and is a knitland with wool and cotton high density duplex. In addition, it is a warm excellent thing to look at thick fabric.

In the Akaguchi, it will be compatible with the shirt and Ron Tee, the knit of the high gauge as the leading role of the cordonate, and the inner of the coat is in winter, so the width of the coordination will spread and it will be a role as a cold weather item. .

From classic trad style, it is also compatible with any tops as an American casual item, and you can use it without choosing a scene.


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