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Size: 15/15 H / 16

Color: Blue

Origin: Made In Japan

Material: 100% COTTON

Clarified Shambur Shirt of Bigyank (Big Yank), a 1935 model. This is the type of design that is registered as a cigarette pocket in 1935.

The 1935 model is a very popular one because you can experience interesting details of Bigyank (Big Yank).

First of all, a chest pocket called a gachapoke. This is a space in the pocket and the gap between the pockets and the lesities. This function is a detail that has been reputed that the paper tobacco at that time is difficult to get wet and reaching a trademark.

Subsequently, a storm cuffs. It is a cuffful cuff with a sword boro that is hard to catch the sleeve on the machine. Due to this cuff DITIAL, even when the button is closed, there is also a function that can be relaxed around the arm and easy to move.

Also, the back yoke is called a strain proof yoke, and it is in the form of a yoke that draws a sloppy curve as a mountain to escape the load on the back.

The fabric is also oldResearch Bigyank (Big Yank) 's Shambrey and is a domestic chambring developed in the original. 100% cotton, we will arrive at the time of wearing, and we will change the vintage. This is a popular indigo blue color by using Indigo thread, called a commonly known as Betasshan.

The button has a metal button with the engraved Bigyank (Big Yank), and other Bigyank (Big Yank)'s parent company Li-Riancer, a trade mark of a rhombus, which is a trade mark of a Rhombus.

The sewing surface also faithfully reprints the specifications and is finished in the quality of vintage.


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