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1940 Dungaree Pants

1940 Dungaree Pants

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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

Size: 28/30/32/34/36/38

Color: Indigo Non Wash

Origin: Made In Japan

Material: 100% COTTON

The design source is the US.Army Denim trousers in the 1940s.
US.ARMY DENIM TROUSERS workBesides the use of wearing, it was also very small for POW World War II, so it is very small for the existence, and it is a difficult item to look for in vintage.

1940 Dungaree Pants (1940 Dungary Pants), who faithfully reproduces the rare pants.

The front is a button fly specification, and the crotch is deep and thick straight silhouette.

A thin belt loop and coin pocket specifications of 8 mm wide and coin pocket are faithfully reproduced to the equineric detail inside the pocket. In addition, metal buttons with USARMY and engraving are also originally created and built up to a detailed place.

The material is 11 oz Serbitch denim. It will be the original Dungarie created for Anatomica alone. It is a feeling of fabric that can be used all year round.
Because it is a delivery for unheeling, it is possible to shrink 1-2 cm after washing and natural drying. Please consider when selecting the size.

I used an indigo of different expressions from jeans1940 Dungaree Pants (1940 Dungary Pants). It is a one that you want to try.


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