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Rocky Mountain Featherbed

[Mild West Gear] City Swagger Coat-Orange

[Mild West Gear] City Swagger Coat-Orange

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Brand: Rockymountainfeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed)

Size: S / M / L

Color: orange

Origin: Made In Japan

Material: 60% COTTON / 40% NYLON

CITY SWAGGER COAT (Cities Wagger Court) from RockyMountainfeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed).
The 90's name is based on the outdoor vintage, and it is a single coat that can be used for plenty of length and volume exquisite. The fabric is used for water repellent 64 crosses, and there is a length that hides the knee evenly, so it is also a big random.

Since there is also a width, it is possible to wear a rough from the top of the thickness such as sweats and hoodies, and if you replay inner-down etc. in the middle, autumn and winter can also be handled.

Food can be easily removed with a snap button. It will be a stained color coat if you remove it, so we also support formal scenes.

Both side pockets are also interested in the specifications that penetrate their earlier pants. This makes it easy to access pages of pants from top of the coat.

Wearing person: 180 cm / 80kg / size L wear

■ About material

This product is 64 crosses, 64 crosses, 60% cotton, woven woven with a ratio of 40% to warp, and is called 64 cross or Roq Young.increase.

The weft cotton sucks and expands water and expands the eyes between the yarns, and it becomes difficult to pass through water, and the water repellent performance of nylon is combined with water. In other words, water repellent functions are created by getting wet due to rain.
In addition, 64 crosses are breathable because cotton is contained. This prevents the rain from the rainy environment, prevents heat and moisture from the body, so you can spend comfortable and comfortable because it escapes out.

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