M.Y.U 除菌・消臭スプレー - アール鎌倉
M.Y.U 除菌・消臭スプレー 持ち運び用 - アール鎌倉
M.Y.U 除菌・消臭スプレー - アール鎌倉
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, M.Y.U 除菌・消臭スプレー - アール鎌倉
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, M.Y.U 除菌・消臭スプレー 持ち運び用 - アール鎌倉
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, M.Y.U 除菌・消臭スプレー - アール鎌倉

M.y.u Deodorizing Spray

A'r139 Kamakura
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situation in which a stone or chain of stones may be captured on the next move (in the game of go) 
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Brand: M. Y. U Deodorizing Spray (M.y.U deodorant ion play)

Volume: 100ml / 300ml

Origin: Made In Japan

M. Y. U deodorant ion play, which is the first handling in Aar Kamakura.
While having high sterilization and deodorizing effects, it is a spray with the same level of safety.

Normal sterilization and deodorizing sprays will erase the smell of the smell of masking from the top of the smell, that is, the same mechanism as perfume, but MYU erases from the original of the odor at the nano level How to leave. 

Clear color fall tests, and points that can be used for various materials such as cotton, polyester, silk, hair and leather. Denims that are not washing for vintage clothing and coloring, Denim, Dead stocks are also available at confidence.

Because it has the same level of safety as water, it can be used for masks directly touched by the skin. Since the eradication effect is also high, it is also an essential existence when going out.

Since the spray is injected in a fine mist shape, it is possible to eradicate and deodorize without unevenness.

There are 2 sizes of 100 ml and 300 ml. 100ml is a convenient size for carrying.

Because it is no fragrance, it is an easy-to-use piece without choosing a place.

○ M. Y. On the ingredients of Uu

Sodium hypochlorite is pH adjusted with dilute hydrochloric acid, aqueous sodium hypochlorous acid.
Many safety inspections are repeated and thoroughly managed and manufactured. More than 10 years, it is used in various facilities of medical care, care, accommodation, childcare, and there is a track record used by the Japanese government and overseas governments in accommodation such as the earthquake.

○ About safety

PL insurance has been subscribed and has verified the safety of the same level as water. In addition, since the managing is tough, Halal certification is acquired, so the customer is a spray that can be used with confidence.


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