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Yankshire Fatigue Pants 1960's Sateen

Yankshire Fatigue Pants 1960's Sateen

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SIZE: 28/30/32/34/36

Color: OLIVE

Origin: Made In Japan

MATERIAL: Vintage Sateen

Commonly called Baker pants and fatigue pants, utility pants design source of the US ARMY.

As the name of utility, conventional in the pants of such kind of work pants that had been worn extensively in factories and training, such as the military, and a large easy to move silhouette width moderately, from simple, easy-to-use design, in vintage It is a very popular model.

Tab is disposed in the West, has become adjustment possible, hipLarge flap pockets, before the combined part is the while to reproduce the specifications of the 1960s has become a button fly, luxurious specification that is the dough has been used vintage material. Here is a dead stock of American military back satin fabric has been used.

Because we use the military material, a very strong, we will texture increases every Komu wear.


■ We use dead stock fabric, so please be aware that there are cases where the dough surface or fine scratches may be displayed on the fabric surface. These are also finished with excellent atmosphere, including.

■ It may differ slightly from the real thing by the browser and personal computer viewing environment regarding the image of the published product. Please be aware in advance.
■ About the Product
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