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Maison Montmartre

Maison Montmartre NO SLEEVE -BLACK

Maison Montmartre NO SLEEVE -BLACK

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Brand: Maison Montmartre

Size: ONE

Color:  Black

Origin: Made in Japan

Material: 100% Cotton


Maison Montmartre (Maison Montmartre), an apparel brand for adult women developed by BONBONSTORE, has arrived.

100%cotton material, which was unique to the cut -and -sew, is a rare Subin thread in India's ultra -long cotton.Because the thread itself has a lot of oil, the smoothness of silk and the delicate gloss are attractive.
In addition, the flesh and firmness are increased by twisting three thin yarns used for dresses and stalls, and it is also durable. The ribs are knitted in a degree, so it is difficult to grow.

The left hem is the same color as the body, and the cross embroidery is accented.

The point is the thick collar rib. It is set so that the shoulders do not appear too much so that the arm looks thin. In addition, it is a specification that curves the shoulders a little and gently blends into the shoulder. It is the perfect one for the casual adult women with a feeling of size that is not too relaxed by the high -quality fabric feeling.


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