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Marinier 1910 Crew Neck L / S-ORANGE

Marinier 1910 Crew Neck L / S-ORANGE

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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

Size: S / M / L

Color: Orange × Natural

Origin: Made In Japan

Material: 100% COTTON

Design based on pullover of jersey of Boat Club on the East Coast in the early 1900s.
Since the original original is wool material, I was able to change the material and updated the material with 100% good cotton with good comfort.

It is very difficult to make this wide pitch border with round knitting, and it takes a considerable amount of time to develop original fabric development and finally completed original border cutsaw.

The West part is scattered and you can feel the beautiful silhouette when worn. It is also a beautiful thing that is also beautifully created with beautifully, so it is a point that looks very well.

It is a solid fabric with a thickness, but it is a soft material of round knitting, so the comfort is outstanding. 3 Color development is developing.


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