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Neat Grampies Wool Wide Type 1 -Navy

Neat Grampies Wool Wide Type 1 -Navy

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Brand: Neat / Neat

Size: 44/46/48/50

Color: navy

Origin: Made in Japan 

Material: 100% Wool

2024SS Neat Grampies Wool Wide Type 1 is available.

◎ Detail
Wide slacks using washable wool material.
A beautiful silhouette with a deep rise and a gentle tapered to the hem while giving room around the waist. This is a model number called Wide, and you can enjoy the unique volume of Neat.

◎ fabric
The fabric has a high -density flat weave of the Grampies Wool (wool material in the Grand Pians region), giving a sense of firmness, soft and soft, soft and soft.
It is also a nice point that ozone processing is performed at home by performing ozone treatment on the fabric. Ozone treatment is an ecological processing technology that does not require chlorine processing or resin processing while utilizing the characteristics of wetness, water repellency, and highly deodorant wool.

◎ Size
Size 44 is S size, 46 is M size, 48 is L size, 50 is XL size.
Please check the size chart for the size details.

It is a Japanese brand with pants that started in 2015, and is particularly famous for its two -tack classic trousers with a deep rise.

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