【アナトミカ】パンプローナ ベレー - アール鎌倉
【アナトミカ】パンプローナ ベレー - アール鎌倉
【アナトミカ】パンプローナ ベレー - アール鎌倉
PAMPLONA BERET - A'r139 Kamakura
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【ANATOMICA】PAMPLONA BERET - A'r139 Kamakura
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【アナトミカ】パンプローナ ベレー - アール鎌倉
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【アナトミカ】パンプローナ ベレー - アール鎌倉
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【アナトミカ】パンプローナ ベレー - アール鎌倉
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, PAMPLONA BERET - A'r139 Kamakura


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situation in which a stone or chain of stones may be captured on the next move (in the game of go) 
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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

Size: Free

ORIGIN: Made in Argentina

Color: BLACK

Material: 100% COTTON

It is a cowboy of South America "Gaucho (Gaucho)Argentina's long-established manufacturer "is a favorite,It is the beret of Pamplona (Pamplona).

The Gaucho (Gaucho), says Argentina, Uruguay, live in southern Brazil Andes east from the 17th century and 19th century, mainly Spanish, which was engaged in animal husbandry and indigenous peoples that the Half-Blood residents of the other. In recent years, there is also a trendy gaucho pants, I think many people have ever heard the name.

Such gaucho, fog this beret in the day-to-day. Since the cotton material we have guidance as beret that can wear in the summer. Silhouette is also like a beret, you can change its appearance in the way fog also like a casket.

At first, it is around small head for a sense of size, since there is no tape or the like on the back, available in conjunction spread stretched to your own size. I think I pretty stretched able to if there is a hat jack. From woman to up to about head around 62cm men it is available.What is made in this size, since they are set so as not to fall when riding, it has specifications that will adapt to the size of your own head.

Only because cotton material, good There is also a head comfort breathable even in summer, because there can be your laundry, you can use everyday to contact.

Also because the home of Argentina made, or would not be the place happy.Wearing a beret in summer, is the item you want to recommend to those who want to expand the range of coordination.


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