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Pantherella socks

Pantherella socks

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Brand: Pantherella (Pansella)

Size: Medium US 81/2 to 11 (up to 26.5 to 29.0 cm)

Color: Red / Burgundy / Grey / D. Grey / Black / Yellow / Orange

Red / Burgundy /GREY / D.GREY / BLACK(5614): EGyptiancotton70% / NYLON30%
Yellow / Orange (5796): Merinowool70% /Nylon30%

Origin: Made in England

British luxury socks brand,Pantherella (Panselella).

Pancelela was founded in 1937 by Leicester located in the middle of the United Kingdom. Lewis Gold Schmidt, a founder, was established a hygauge sock factory using a knitting machine using Bentley machinery familiar with a UK luxury car. He keeps traditional techniques and keeps high quality products, and will be lined up at high-end department stores around the world, including Harrods in the UK.

The biggest feature of Panselella is the goodness of its comfort.
Hand Linked This is why all the finish of the toe closure called TOE (Handling Tu) is manually done.
This process is manually finished in a smooth and soft uniform tie. Therefore, there is no sense of tongue of the joint when wearing, and it gets comfortable to smoke on the foot.

Also, all yarns used are all twisted with Panselella's proprietary specification. Only selected quality materials are used.

In our shop, two types of Socks with Egyptian cotton and Sox with Merino Wool are available.

Egyptian cotton is using red, burgundy, gray, dark gray, 5 colors of black. Because it is a cotton, you can use it all year round. After washing, it will be thinned once, but if you wear it, it will be familiar with your feet.

Using Merino Wool is 2 colors of yellow and orange. It is of course that it is wool, but it is not good to use in winter, but it is a feeling of wearing other than midsummer. Merino Wool is excellent in heat retention and hygroscopicity, and the fiber densers sweat, and it is difficult to feel the foot of the foot, making it comfortably worn.

Size is expanded only M size. It is a sense of size that can be accommodated up to 26.5 cm-29.0 cm.

Laundry, both types can be worn longer after using a normal washing machine.



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