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1950 Chamois Shirt-Yellow

1950 Chamois Shirt-Yellow

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Size: XS / S / M / L

Color: Yellow

Origin: Made In Japan

Material: 100% COTTON

Big Yank (Big Yank) born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Trademarks were registered in 1919 as one of the label labels of the Leriance Manufacturer.
Bigyank is a unique understanding of a unique deal, is particularly famous, and the quality is stored from the time, such as delivering military products as an American military official supplier, and the quality is with origami.

This shirt is a single 1950s simplified detair workshirt and can be worn in open collar. The form is a box silhouette, and it is perfect for cold timing (chamois) fabric. Chamois is a substitute for wool shirt for cold weather, as well as cold weather and heat retention, and the material that does not cheat like wool is uke, mainly the United StatesIt was often used in the outdoor brand. The history seems to have existed before World War II.

The most good place of this fabric is the comfortableness and easyness to handle.
Soft, ease, wearing wet feeling, wearing, cotton material, so it's a convenience and heat retention. I would like you to try this fitness and easy to handle. In addition, this material was not made of this style, and 35summers made the vintageIt will be the original Japanese fabric, so the goodness of color development and texture is also a wonderful finish.

Wear images are 180 cm and 80 kg men wear L size.
As the product is one wash, I think that it is less contraction with normal laundry.
(It may be slightly scored by the dryer or by washing.)

The size of the size is as follows.
XS is for women, S is a 160 cm's height, M is a sense of height in front of 170 cm, L is a sense of size in the direction of height before and after 175-185 cm (If the size selection is different depending on the body type


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