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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

Size: 2/3


Origin: Made In Japan

Material: Wool

"Dynamo (Dynamo)" series developed with Anatomica since last year. Dynamo is the word source of the British army at World War II.

Seafarer (Seafarler) has arrived from the Dynamo series.
Seafarler is one wearing the work clothes of Royal Navy in the 1940s. The collar is a shawl color. It is characterized by a duffel coat type design that remains in the toggle rather than a button.

Duffel Court is a source of northern European fishermen, but it was spread to the world that it was adopted by the Uniform of the British Navy.
Thick compressed wool fabricFearnoughT (Fairnout) was called Fairnout Fabric in the United Kingdom Navy, and duffle-type coats and smocks were developed.

In Anatomica this time, DynamoDeveloped a Fairnout Fabric Original for the series. With a thick and eye-packed well-quality wool fabric, the camel color settled with classic material is very elegant.

Toggles are also originally developed. HaSha also used in the toggle part is a kodawali that processes and uses vintage Czech army hemp ropes.

Also, the part of the inner size notation contains broad arrow as well as the original.

Earl Kamakura develops sizes 2 and 3. The size of the size is Men's S-M size and 3 with Men's M-L size equivalent.


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