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A'r139 Kamakura

1937 US Army Dungaree Hat

1937 US Army Dungaree Hat

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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

Size: M (60cm around the head)

Color: Unbleached White

Material: 100% Cotton

Origin: Made in Japan

Anatomica arts denim hat with the M37 DENIM HAT designed source, M37 DENIM HAT.In 23SS, it appeared with a lighter Dungarian material.

◎ Details and silhouettes
M37 Denim HatLike making, the head is a Six panel. The stitch is dared to be distorted, reproducing the atmosphere at that time.

◎ fabric
The original Dungarian fabric, which is a thin but strong spring material, is adopted. The gentle color of the natural color and the texture of cotton become familiar as you use it.

Because it is delivered without washing, there is a possibility that a shrinkage of 1-2 cm will occur after washing and natural drying. Because it is an indigo material, you can enjoy discoloration due to aging.

◎ Size
Size M is recommended for those with a head circumference of about 60cm. It is a size that can be used for both men's and ladies. It shrinks by washing, but continuing to wear it will make you familiar and grow a little.


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