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Universal Overall Chino Pants Deadstock-Green

Universal Overall Chino Pants Deadstock-Green

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Brand: Universal Overall

SIZE: 31/32/34

Color: Green

Origin: Made In U.S.A

Condition: DeadStock

Material: 100% COTTON

American Chicago Born Universal Overall (Universal Overall). A brothers called Max and Joe Ecker Ring, an immigration from Austria, founded in America Chicago. It is still a brand that still continues for about 100 years since its founding in 1924.

From such a company, it is a thinopan of 80-90's dead stock. This is a classic and tough material of 100% cotton, unlike the current. Of course made America.

It is a finish with plenty of smell in the United States, such as a beautifully woven original Cinocross, exquisite coloring, resin-based buttons, front zippers, deep crotches, etc.

Lengths are assumed to be hemed and are quite long and it is a specification that is unchecked.

This green color is a deep color that mixes green and gray and blue-based color. It is an American color.


■ This is a dead Stock Vintage product. There may be some ages of ages due to storage and some scratches and dirt. We ask these conditions for your focus on the characteristics of the dead stock vintage and purchase.

■ It may differ slightly from the real thing by the browser and personal computer browsing environment regarding the image of the published product. Please be aware in advance.
■ About the Product
The Product in the image is a sample.actual Product and Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc. May Be Slightly Different.

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