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US PCU Level5 Military Pants Made by Patagonia Deadstock

US PCU Level5 Military Pants Made by Patagonia Deadstock

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Item: US PCU Level5 Military Pants

Size: Medium-Regular

Color: Grey

Fabric: 100% NYLON

Origin: Made In U.S.A

Condition: DeadStock

US Army PCU (Protective Combat Uniform) Level 5 soft shell pants.2006 manufacturingPatagonia model.

An item with suspenders with 100% nylon cargo pants. Suspenders can be removed and can be worn by 2WAY to attach a belt loop.
The waist part (behind only) is rubber, and it is easy to attach and detached by zippered to the front and both sides. A total of four pockets including two cargo pockets, and functionality is emphasized. In addition, the hem portion is also able to adjust the hem width with draw cords.

Fabric is 100% soft shell with water repellency and windproof. It is very soft and outstanding of its name.
In addition, even if it is repeated 100 times, the water repellency and EPIC (epic) material which is said to sustain the windproofness is adopted. EPIC materials have a three-dimensional barrier structure that forms a water barrier to the inside of the fabric as well as the surface of the fabric. It is a special material that exerts high water repellency by wrapping one of the fibers that form the yarn with a waterproof polymer.

PCU has been delivered for special units such as US Army Navy Seals acting in the extreme environment. Unlike Patagonia private lines, it is the highest line made for the US military.

PCU's development has been involved by Mark To Wight, who served as a technical adviser in Patagonia, and many models are developed and manufactured by Patagonia. As with ECWCS, a layering system is adopted, but it is a PCU's combat system that has achieved further evolution using the latest dough and high-tech material than ECWCS.

Level 5 items containing this pants are based on the use as an outer, so it is characterized by multifunctional high specifications, such as easy-to-be-removableness, many pockets and materials with high permeability waterproof. In addition, as it is made assuming activities in an extreme environment, it can be worn in various scenes, such as riding outdoor and mountaineering, winter sports, bikes and bicycles.

The sense of size felt a little cramped from just 180 cm / 80 kg. If it is a use in overpants, I think it is equivalent to the M size of the Japanese standard. Please check the size chart for details.


■ This is a dead stock item.There is a case where there is a long-standing aging, damaging, dirt, marking, etc. We ask these states as a characteristic of dead stock and ask for purchase.

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