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1940's WW2 USAAF TYPE A-4 Flight Suits Overall Made by Lee

1940's WW2 USAAF TYPE A-4 Flight Suits Overall Made by Lee

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Item: USAAFTYPEA-4 Flight Suits Overall Made by Lee (American Army Air Force A-4 Flight suit LEE)

Size: 38R (Men's M size equivalent)

Color: Khaki

Origin: Made in USA

Material: Wool Gabardine

Condition: USED

DWG. NO. 30-732

USAAF(US Army Air Force)Of the World War of WorldwideTYPE A-4 summer flying suit. It is a model adopted by the United States on May 18, 1930.

USAAF (American Army Air Force) was an American Army Aviation Force, launched in 1941, and was independent of the Army in 1947 and USAF (USA Air Force).

Characterized by pockets arranged diagonally on the right chest and pockets located under the right knee. Collar stand color specification. The waist part is equipped with a belt.

The material is 100% wool Gabadine material. The zipper is attached to the front and limb cuffs, and all Talon is used. The zipper attached to the front and right sleeve parts is used all of the coordinated old ones.

This flight suit is a small model that Lee was manufactured by Lee since Lee's buttons were used in various places. An atmosphere with a single and powerful style is excellent item.

This is a vintage product, detailed damage and small holes are generally large. Also, there is a sticky in the chest pocket. The leather patch placed on the left chest is peeled off. Please note in advance.


■ This is a vintage product.For many years of use, due to agingThere may be damage or dirt.We ask for these conditions as a vintage characteristic and have you purchased it.

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