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1950's US Army Snowcamo Parka Deadstock

1950's US Army Snowcamo Parka Deadstock

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Item: 1950's US ARMY SNOWCAMO PARKA (1950s US Army Snowkamo Parker)

Size: Medium

Color: White

Origin: Made in USA

Material: 100% COTTON

Condition: DeadStock (One Wash)

This is an American military white fish tail parker, a snow camper. Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Material Dead stock (one wash).

Parker assumed to wear on snow, and white material is used to camphorse.

The hood and the hood are also made to oversize so that it can be worn from the equipment such as winding and helmets and hats.

Fish tail larger food. The pocket with flap is the specification of the through pocket. The drotocode is passed to the waist and can be worn.

The model of this M-1950 is a model of 100% cotton adopted in the 1950s. In models after 1970, one in which nylon materials are entered are mainstream.
100% cotton is rough and fascinated.

It will be a dead stock, but because it is washed once in our shop to reduce the staining due to many years, I think more shrinking will come out.

Since the sense of size is the overcoat, please consider the oversized light coat. If it is about 155-185 cm, both men and women can respond. It can be worn very cool, including volume.

Watcher: 180 cm / 80kg


■ This is a dead Stock Vintage product.There is a clever change due to storage for many years, and some dirt and yake are seen.We ask these conditions for your focus on the characteristics of the dead stock vintage and purchase.

■ It may differ slightly from the real thing by the browser and personal computer browsing environment regarding the image of the published product. Please be aware in advance.
■ About the Product
The Product In The Image Is A Sample. Actual Product and Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc. May Be slightly different.

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