m52 chino shorts

Anatomica Chino Shorts and French army M52 shorts.

M52 Chino Shorts Anatomica

Art Kamakura has developed type 2 shorts. Both are short pants of chino material based on military or millimeter.

Points when choosing Chino Shorts will be a sense of strength and a volume. The shorts handled in our shop are both spacious and exquisitely durable on the knees.

Both are popular for popular products, so please do not try before Natsumoto.

〇 Natomica 1959 Chino Shorts

Size: 28/30/32/34/36/38

COLOR: Beige

Origin: Made In Japan

Chino Shorts Anatomica

Anatomica that is also the signboard brand of our shop has arrived one-piece arrival based on the new American military chino shorts. As it is only one type of one that exists in Anatomica, it is a 1-type 1-color development and bullish product development, but it is a convincing finish.

The original Chinocross is a high density and has a sense of gloss. When I wear it, I will be a good texture. It is not a button fly, but it is not a point because it can easily wear the zipper fly.

In addition, the pocket bag is a mesh specification, and this is a model of tropical specifications that the Mesh is also adopted in the 1959 American army shorts, and it is faithfully reproduced here.

As the crotch is quite deep, I wear 37 inches of Anatomica 618 denim 37-inch and there is a high waist specification because there is a room in 36 inches here.

This item is not only Kamakura, but also in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Product page is here

180 cm · 80kg size 36 wear coordination cases

Anatomica Chino Shorts

Anatomica Kanagawa Chino Shorts

○ French army M52 Chino shorts

SIZE: 5/6

COLOR: Beige

Origin: Made in France

M52 short pants Chino

French M52 Chino Pants, a pronoun model of Military Chino. The M52 has the original shorts for summer. That's M52 shorts here. There are many people who have been looking for a popular Youtuber "Aniki", so there are many people who have seen it?

In shorts with a sense of volume with the same tack as M52 Chino, the material is also adopted as a beautiful tinocross. Specifications are also button fly, and the shots are also quite deep.

There are one and two tacks, and the size handled in our shop is 5 and 6. There is plenty of worthwhile, and the spread of the hem when wearing is a short-fashioned shorts that seem to be created at that time.

Size 5 is about 88 cm in the waist, and it is equivalent to 34 inches, but because it is high waist, I think that it can be handled by the person who wears 36 inches if it is Levi's 501.

Size 6 is about 90 cm in waist, 35 inches of waist, but as it is high waist, if it is Levi's 501 38I think that it can respond to those who wear inches.

The elegance of French milletary and chino shorts that can taste elegant are easier to buy more than M52 Chino, so I think that it is easy to adopt by military supplies beginners.

Product page is here

 180 cm · 80kg Size 6 wear coordination cases

 M52 Short Pants Chino Corde

 M52 French Army Chino Shorts


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