About the shipment of the product

About a shipment day

In the case of Japan, I usually send it out in 2-5 business days from business day of the order reception desk, the following day (except the long holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, the tray).
When sending it is late, I contact me by an email separately.

About a delivery company

The article sends it by Sagawa Kyubin or postal Yu-Pack in Japan (I cannot appoint it).
Because you did not hear it, from thought that you want to send the product which had you purchase it in our store to the visitor carefully, approve the shipment in an email service or the fixed form outside that there is not of the security beforehand.
In addition, thank you for your understanding beforehand because sending it may delay by bad weather or a traffic condition.


・When you want "a situation stopper, an office end", please inform it separately.

・I contact me over an email or a telephone by any chance when I cannot send a product.

・When it is not made receiving within a period, after delivery, the product is sent back to us. When you want re-delivery after our return, coming and going expense of the re-delivery, please be careful in one burdening you of the visitor.