USミリタリーアイテム入荷 - アール鎌倉

We have a lot of US Military items arriving in Kamakura.

Kamakura Military vintage

I have had a lot of vinteritary items from the olive American Army in the Kamakura period.

All of these items are very popular in the market, and have been on the rise in recent years.If you escape your current price, you will not be able to buy it at this price, so please try your size in the same size.

Inbound shipment: M-51 LINER, M-51 PANTS, M-65 PANTS,M-65 PARKA, M-65 LINER (both JACKET and PARKA), JUNGLE FATIGUE JACKET (4th), ECWCS LEVEL1, 2, 3.

The M-65 fish tail pars are on 15 pairs, all of which have damage and rippies, but they have a lot of size, so you can get a lot of weight.The silhouette, which is of loose type, matches the modern style very much.There are three sizes: XS, S, and M.There are many zippers, like Aluminum, the zipper of the dead stock, and so on.

m65 Fish Tail Parker

M-51 and 65 pants also have a total of 20 shipments.This is the field of fieldpants, so it's a thick silhouette cargopants.The photo is the LARGE size of the M-51 pants.It's not over-pants compared to Arctic pants, so it's easy to wear in pockets, so it's very nice to look for a very big cargots.

M-51 Fieldpants

A small amount of jungle futigs is a small amount, but it has seven receipts.Some things are short-stamed.The items that you would like to get out of the market aren't just deadstock, but also USED.The total number of inbound shipments is 4TH.

Jungle Fatigue 4th Kanagawa

In addition, the Linai series and ECWCS have also been received.The photo is on a liner on the M-51 jacket.It is also available for use with outeruse.The size is LARGE.This is an item that I would like to try not only for Menz, but also for women.

m51 Rainer Court Ladies


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