Held in Silver Week in September 2021. Looking back on the American Vintage Fair.

In Aar Kamakura, we held American Vintage Fair between September 18-September 26. It was held in the event of an emergency situation extended, but I came to many customers. Thank you very much.

I could not introduce all in the instum, so I will introduce special items. (Some is a product that has been borrowed from the event of the acquaintance Collector, so it's a product that is permanent. If you wish, please contact us by phone or email.)

〇LEVI's 501 1937 Model

1930-40SIt is an original of a model with a thinzone and leather patch called 37 models of Levi's 501. Size is the actual size of 31 × 32 golden size. Buckle has been removed, but it is also good, and it is a color of color like a model. In particular, I think that you can not bother if you like Hachinos on the back of the knee.

501xx 1937 Vintage Leather Patch Sinthback

It is a very rare model that can not meet something beautiful so far.

〇 Levi's 506xx (1st), 507xx (2nd) Model

In the 1940s506XX Commonly known first and original 1950s 507XX commonly known. This area was also highly valuable, not reprinted but the original vintage product.

506xx (1st)
506xx Levis 1st 40s

507xx Levis 2nd 50s

〇 Levi's Denim WesternShirt (Shorthorn)

Denim Western shirt of Levi's 1950s. The color was thick and a pretty good condition. When you look at the tag, it is a series of tag timing in a short-down tag, called a short horn, and a series of appearances in the 50's. It may not be possible to meet something that is good here.

Levis short horn denim western shirt

〇 Levi's 70505 IRRegular Double Big "E"

It is 70505 in the 1960s, but an irregular product with two red tabs. Both have big e. I think it is an item that can not be born towards the collector. In Aar Kamakura, 5 to 6 arrivals of Big E of 70505 were prepared at 5 to 6, but we saw two tabs for the first time. Also, the color is dark and Indigo remaining firmly.

Levis 70505 Bige


101z of the 60's Lee. Because Z is z, it is a type of zipper fly. This is a self-viding and the condition is also good. The notation size is 36 × 32.

 LEE 101Z Self Vidfer 60S


Since I introduced Denim relationships so far, the next is a military & work.

〇 Vintage Military Jacket

Vintage military outerways, representing the US army, were gathered up. From the right, it is 60S MA-1, L-2B, N-2B, N-3B. There were many other B-15 and a large number of flight items.

MA1 N3B N2B L2A Military


If you like vintage, do you know a black bear brand? In the past, Seattle was a long-established workwear brand, and our shop also handled a shawl color coat in the past.

This is a thick skull work jacket. It is about the 40's. It is a mint condition.

 Blackbear vintage work jacket


Subsequently, the introduction of sweats and shirts

〇 Champion Reverse Weave and Sweats

There were a lot of champion reverse weaves. Anyway, carefully select and carefully select the small condition without damage around the sleeve and neck. 70S single-color tag model, Hoodie's 80S, and other 90S embroidery tag Reverse Weaves and champion wets around 80S are available nearly 15 points.

Champion Reverse Weave

〇western shirts

Western shirts are personally worried. It is a very recommended item for those who have a high design and choice of simple shirts with excellent compatibility with our Rocky Mountain. During the period, there was a near 100 western shirts. Wrangler, HBARC, Levier, etc., from the famous manufacturer who had created Western Items, it was a content that appeared to the hand embroidery.

Vintage Western shirt

〇us College Sweat

Popular College Print Sweatshirt. There were a large number of American Bodies of 80 to 90s. Both have good condition, rich in size, and were fun to find out from among a lot.

American sweat old clothes

In addition, many American things have been offered, such as Indian Jewelry, TEE shirt, etc., and it was a very enjoyable event. I also hope that such an event will be held, so please continue with the Select Shop Art Kamakura.