ANATOMICA Marilyn(アナトミカ マリリン デニム)

Marilyn & Marilyn 2 of Anatomica restocked.

Anatomica Marin Store

The ladies representative of Anatomica (Anatomica), the marilyn (Marilyn) series restocked full size. Our shop will be the best handling in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Marilyn is a wide range of denim, so I think it is certain that you try out and match the size. We will easily explain size.

〇 Marilyn 1

Size: 23 to 29 inches

¥ 30,800 (Tax in)

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Anatomica Marilyn Store

Marilyn 1 is fully loaded in the first part of the waist, so it's impossible to load and grow. There are many cases that extend around 1 cm of statistics. If you want to keep the high waist with your own 's thin part, you will be fitted with a little tight, and if you chose with a sense of size that you will not fall below even if you grow as 1 cm, you can choose it with a sense of size You can wear a silhouette left.

Marilyn 2

Size: 23 to 29 inches

¥ 30,800 (Tax in)

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Anatomica marilyn store

Marilyn 2 is shallower than Marilyn 1, so the position of one of the high-waists falls, so there are many cases where you choose the size of one of the above Marilyn 1 above. Depending on the body type, there are some people who have the same size as Marilyn 1, so I think it would be nice to try it first.

Since Arhal Kamakura is the store that handles Anatomica most in Kanagawa Prefecture, Marin, Marilyn 2 and other ladies' Anatomica items are available abundantly. The new Waves's new ladies denim is also very recommended.

We look forward to seeing this opportunity.

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