ANATOMICA History(アナトミカの歴史)

History of ANATOMICA (Anatomica)

 This time, I would like to introduce Anatomica, the main brand of Earl Kamakura.

 If you are reading this articleMany people know that Anatomica is a store in Paris, France, and that the owner is Pierre Fulnier, so I would like to follow the trajectory to date. increase.

 Also, I would like to write about why Anatomica is a French brand but a lot of American goods, and who is the owner, Peal Frenier. First of all, all the creator,I will introduce Pierre Frenier.

● About Pierre Frenier

 The founder, Pierre Fulnier, was born in Savois, France in 1944. 76 years old.
 Globe in 1975, in 1979HEMISPHERE was launched in Anatomica (Anatomica) in 1994. The characteristics of each store will be written later, but both are legendary shops, and Legends Pierre Frennier are the legends that have launched the world one after another.

 I first met Pierre Fulnier in Paris shop about eight years ago. I was in my early twenties at the time, and I remember being shocked by such a gentleman and cool.

 Globe, which can be said to be the beginning of modern select shops, also created a chance to spread the most popular Alden modifillary to the fashion market because it was a fashion market, and the Vest of Chimayo Village, the Vest of Chimayo village, which was distributed as a blanket at the time. Pierre Frenier was popular.

 The style of leaving a variety of achievements in the fashion industry and still working at stores is the legend.

Pierre Fulnier Anatomica

● What is globe?

 Pierre FulnierIn 1975, GLOBE (Globe) is opened in the Paris Lare District. This shop is a pioneer in modern select shops, and the assortment was amazing in Paris at the time.

 From super famous jeans in the United States, such as Levi's (Levi's) and Lee (Lee), the North Face (The North Face), Hanes (Haines), etc. Although it is being, if you think that these were in an old Paris shop for 40 years, you will see that it was an exciting shop.

 It seems that the store was the first in Europe that the US brand jeans were reduced by the US -style washing method and sold in the store. In Globe, there were photos of women wearing military stuff, and in this era I was impressed that the idea of ​​women wearing military things as fashion.

Globe poster
The poster at the time of GLOBE. The handling brand is amazing.

 In addition, GLOBE (Globe) also purchased and sold Rocky MountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed). What a coincidence, then, nobody would have imagined that it would be anatomica (Anatomica) manufacturing with 35Summers with trademarks of RockyMountainFeatherbed.

GLOBE Rocky Mountain
A young Pierre Frenier is wearing a GORETEX jacket of RockyMountainFeatherbed.


 Time has passed, and Hemisphere (Emis Fale) opened in 1979 on the Grand Alme Street in Paris. Jean Sebastian, who was active as the number 3 of Saint Laurent at the time, looked at Pierre Fulnier's baying sense, tagged, and opened the store.

 HEMISPHERE is a shop that has a great influence on Japanese fashion and opened in Roppongi, Japan. Japanese shops were operated by Ryuichi Nakamura, who has a close friendship with Pierre Frennier. Mr. Nakamura later was known as a heavyweight in the Japanese Apparel industry, including standing in the store during the Anatomica (Anatomica) in -shop era on the second floor of United Arrows, and as a signboard staff when the Nihonbashi store opened. 。

 HEMISPHERE means the Northern Hemisphere in French, as the name suggests, and selling a variety of clothing, from the United States to Europe.

 Cowbowei boots, Fisherman's sweaters, LemmerMayer cardigans, Ortega vests, Chesterbarry suits, Lolo Piana mufflers, Alden's leather shoes to Rail Road Socks are available regardless of the country. It was a famous store that can be said to be a model for select shops.

 However, it was closed in 1993 with the death of joint owner Jean Sebastian.

Emisfel Anatomica

● What is Anatomica?

 1994, the year after Hemisphere was closed. Pierre Fulnier is in the Male district of Paris, FranceAnatomicaOpen at the same time,AnatomicaWe will also start manufacturing as a brand. Behind this is the fact that the quality of the overseas production and the simplification of the process has rapidly reduced quality, and Pierre Fulnier's perspective has disappeared from the world. For that reason, I decided to produce all my collections in France, and started manufacturing.

Anatomica Paris store

 The collection was based on the history and traditions of European men's fashion, and our own commitment to the "fit" by himself. It was a "anatomical (anatomical)" work that faithfully reproduced the characteristics of traditional work clothes and military uniforms.

 And the collaboration with the 35Summers representative Kinji Teramoto, which began in 2008, has added a new direction to Anatomica. That is the birth of an American taste gagment by Japanese manufacturing through the two filters. From the taste of the 1960s, which they prefer, the US / Navy -related work, the British traditional raglan coat, the sneaker Wakouwa, which is positioned as a sports line, and Marilyn, a ladies' Marine one after another. It became the current Anatomica (Anatomica).

Anatomica Aoyama store

 Anatomica (Anatomica) has many American stuff because it was great due to encounter with Teramoto.

 Only the intense fit of the two, the detailed details that cannot be seen in the invisible point, and the universal styles that have not changed all the time are items that will never be abolished. is. I would like you to know Anatomica (Anatomica) at this opportunity.

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