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How to select the size of RockyMountainfeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed)

 The downwear of RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed) is characterized by 6 sizes and a wide range of sizes, so customers can choose a small size. On the other hand, I think there are many people who do not know which size is suitable.

 Today we will introduce the size of the size by height and weight from the size notation today, so if you have never worn it, or if you are worried about buying it by mail order, please refer to your body type. 。

● Size notation: 36 (XS), 38 (s), 40 (m), 42 (L), 44 (XL), 46 (XXL)
This is the size for men.

Size 36 : It is equivalent to a general XS size, and there are many people wearing a tall, 160-170cm tall, and a standard body type.

Size 38 : It is equivalent to a general S size, 165-170 cm tall, standard -for those with a solid body type, 170-175cm thin type ~There are many wearing standards.

Size 40 : It is equivalent to a general M size, 170-175cm tall, 175-180cm.Lean type ~Standard body typeI often wear it.

Size 42 : General L size -equivalent, height 175-180cm, body type, 180-185cmLean type ~Standard body typeI often wear it.

Size 44generalIt is equivalent to XL size, and there are many standard body type wearing around 180-190cm tall.

Size 46 : General XXL size -equivalent, people with a firm body type around 185-190 tallI often wear it.

 Next is an actual wear size example.
This is the size of the inner when wearing winter.
(It is the size of the selection when wearing a rocky mountain on a T -shirt, etc., wearing a knit, sweat, flannel shirt, etc.).

A: 164cm 50kg Tops size S pants size 29 inches
= RMFB size 36

B: 168cm 52kg Tops Size S Pants size 29 inches
= RMFB size 36

C: 170cm 63kgTops size M pants size 31 inches
= RMFB size 38

D:173cm 60kg Tops size M pants size 30 inches
= RMFB size 38

E: 174cm 62kg Tops size M pants size 32 inches
= RMFB size 38

F: 178cm 75kg Tops size L pants size 33 inch
= RMFB size 40

G: 183cm 75kg Tops size L pants size 34 inches
= RMFB size 40

H: 180cm 80kg Tops size L pants size 35 inches
= RMFB size 42

I: 184cm 88kg Tops size XL Pants size 36 inches
= RMFB size 44

J: 184cm 94kg Tops size XL Pants size 37 inches
= RMFB size 46

● Size notation: 9/10

This is the size for ladies. It is equivalent to a medium size of a general woman, and it is a size that is often worn by a height of 155cm to 165cm.

Click here for size measurement.

* The image worn by our product is a male model 180cm80kg and the size is 42.
I wear a size 9/10 with a female model 164cm.

* Please note that it is a guideline for judging from experiences and size charts, and may not match the size depending on the skeleton and body type.

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