A'r139 Kamakura(アール鎌倉)

A ' r139 knot (Art Kamakura) will be introduced once again.

A ' r139 knot (Earl Kamakura)

Ar Kamakura Rocky Mountain

A 'r139 was born in the ancient capital of Kamakura as a' r22724 ' branch of the flagship store of RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbebed).

Like the head office,RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Featherbed) is a widely used, and is widely used in Kanagawa Prefecture as well as the Kamakura-ken area, as well as widespread use of ANATOMICA (Anatomia).

In addition, it operates as a selectomy shop in Kamakura, which deals with brands such as Big Yank and Bragindragon, as well as many old clothes and vintage items.

Concerning the handling brand of "A ' r139 (Earl of Kamakura)"

Kanagawa Rocky Mountain Anatomica Big Yank

During the autumn and winter seasons, there are a series of downlines including RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbebed), as well as the ANATOMICA (Anatomia) Lagrangote and Beechest.

In the spring and summer seasons,RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Featherbebed) coats and TEE shirts and other spring summer collections will also handle the ANATOMICA pocket TEE and WAKOUWA sneakers.

In addition, the full size of the MARILYN (Marilyn) denim (MARILYN) is handled throughout the year, and it is the only treatment in the Kamakura and Shonan areas.

In addition, as the first expansion of ALDEN (Alden) in the Kamakura area since around May 2021, I would like to stop looking for Alden for the first time in the official business.

○ Handling of old clothes, vintage and antiques -

Kamakura Antique Catalog

A ' r139 knot (in the Kamakura period) is a deadstock from which the owner traveled around the world and bought it, as well as antique clothes.Deadstock is covered by vintage from the Jungle Fatiag jacket and M52 chino, and is also handling a vintage such as a championship reverse.There are a lot of good old clothes in Kamakura, but we now have only a good deal of dead stock in our store.

Antiques are also dealing with food items such as filer, Sears and Alvarealto magazines, such as those from Northern European Vintage, such as Lissarson and Arabian Vintage.

Address and Access -

A ' r139 (Earl of Kamakura):A store is located in an area called Ogagaya, which is located within a 10-minute walk from Kamakura Station.As a tourist attraction, there is a shop in the middle of the way to the Ten-bengaiten, a tourist attraction, and a popular teahouse in front of the street, with a busy crafesman handling a large number of folk crafts, as well as one of the sightseeing routes, and you will be able to stand there.There is a billboard in the middle and a curtain of orange on the outside.

This is the result.
Not only in Kamakura, but also in Kanagawa Prefecture, it is very good to find the down of the Anatomika and the down of the Rocky Mountain, and it is so good to be able to stand by as one of the most popular tourist spots in the Kamakura period, so please put your foot in the shop to the shop without reservation.

Products in the store can be purchased online in online stores, and all products that are not posted online can be sold on the mail-order market.We are also waiting for the use of the service.

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