A'r139 Kamakura / アール鎌倉

First, a'r139 Kamakura.

American Born Downwear BrandROCKYMOUNTAINFEATHERBED(Rocky Mountain Feather Bed).
Its flagship storeA'r22724The winter of 2018 was OPEN to the Asakusa Bridge in Tokyo.

Two years have passed since there,
For old capital KamakuraROCKYMOUNTAINFEATHERBEDI made an OPEN of the shop.

The store name is [A'R139 Kamakura].
I think that you can call it Kamakura.

In our shop, in the Rockymountainfeatherbed, the French brandAnatomicaWe plan to handle various products such as (Anatomica), vintage indian jewelry and other antiques.

Online store is started from the end of October 2020, and the real store will be OPEN around December 2020.

The shop is located in a quiet residential area for about 8 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station.

There is a mica of a popular Teabo, a popular Teabo that is a matrix of Kamakura, right now,When I wash the money, I get a spirit water that is said to come back many timesWe will hold a shop on the way to the Senku Wash. Please stop by by all means during sightseeing.

I would like to make it a place where you can shop slowly. I am looking forward to seeing you all.

Here is the introduction of the shop.

Thank you.

A'R139 KAMAKURA (Art Kamakura)
Suzuki Suzuki

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