ANATOMICA(アナトミカ)の618 MARILYN(マリリン)シリーズを解説します。

We will explain the 618 Marilyn series of Anatomica (Anatomica).

 618 Marilyn (Marilyn) triggered the brand Anatomica to be recognized by women's fashion markets.

 This time, I will explain the following points, Marilyn (Marilyn 1) and Marilyn2 (Marilyn 2).
・ About birth
・ About shape
・ How to choose the size
・ About the fabric, the growth of the fabric
・ Necessity of hemming

Finally, here are some examples of coordination worn by a 164cm tall woman.

 * If you are interested in ANATOMICA brands, please refer to the articles I wrote in the past →History of AnatomicaHere


About birth

 ■ The birth of 618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1)


 618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1)Completion is 2015. At that time, I was at the manufacturer 35summers I was in charge of wholesale of Anatomica. Around this timeAnatomica (Anatomica) had core fans in men and was expanding its handling in Japan, but for women, products were not planned, so for those outside the apparel industry. It was a situation where there was almost no name recognition.

 Marilyn has a concept for more than a year of release, Between Pierre, the representative of Paris of Anatomica, and Mr. Teramoto, the representative of 35Summers, a jeans for women was progressing.

 The silhouette to be the original story here was the 701 jeans of Levi's (Levi's), which Marilyn Monroe liked it. Thoroughly studied the jeans of Vintage's Levi's 701 (Levi's) 701 owned by Mr. Teramoto, the development of the fabric, how to make a beautiful silhouette appearing many times, and finally completed it. It was 618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1).

 Now618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1), a masterpiece of Anatomica (Anatomica) ladies, can be counted at the first exhibition.It was the order number. However, the following year, it was doubled, and then it increased to several times further, and it was expanding to the world.

 The reason was that the actress Haruka Ayase wore in the drama and the spread of magazines and SNS. As mentioned above, it is a high -quality denim created over time from the concept, and the speed after once recognized is amazing, and it has been almost five years since its release, and it will be a big hit part number that will continue to sell. I did it.

■ The birth of 618 Marilyn 2 (Marilyn 2)


 After a short time from the release of Marilyn (Marilyn 1), we will embark on the development of the next jeans.While Marilyn (Marilyn 1) was the original story of Levi's (Levi's), he focuses on the Vintage of Lee (Lee) of the same age, and creates a model called Marilyn2 (Marilyn 2).

This is also a deep pants with a deep rise, but the hem width around the thigh is different, and the details of the back pocket also follow Lee (Lee).

About shape

618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1) form

Anatomica Ladies Denim Marilyn 1

Anatomica Ladies Denim Marilyn 1

Anatomica Ladies Pants Marilyn 1

Anatomica Ladies Pants Marilyn 1

 A beautiful silhouette with a rounded round with the highest position of the waist as the waist position. You can produce a feminine rounded hip. The rise is very deep and there is plenty of room around the buttocks, so it is easy to wear regardless of body shape.


 ■ 618 Marilyn 2 (Marilyn 2) form

Anatomica Ladies Denim Marilyn 2

Anatomica Ladies Denim Marilyn 2

Anatomica Ladies Pants Marilyn 2

Anatomica Ladies Pants Marilyn 2

Marilyn2 (Marilyn2) has a more refreshing and mature silhouette for MARILYN (Marilyn 1). Because the rise is deep, it has an unprecedented ease of wear, and the hips look up tightly, so the legs are looked longer.


How to select a 1.2 size

Anatomica Marilyn Coordinates

In Marilyn1 and 2, the waist position changes because of the depth of the rise. Therefore, if you choose the same size, it is often not the case. Please refer to the special articles I wrote in the past include the size chart and the details of how to select the size. →Choose the size and size of the Marilyn series


About the need for fabric and hemming

Marilyn up

 ■ Necessity of fabric and hemming of Marilyn (Marilyn 1)

A soft denim material with pink ears that completely reproduced the fabric at the time of 100 % cotton. The thickness is 11 oz, a slightly thinner setting than the general jeans, creating softness and ease of wearing. If you wear it, the waist tends to grow around 1cm, so we recommend that you choose a slightly tight size from the Just.

 The length is set for a long time, but many people do not cut and roll up and wear them. As described above, the fabric is thin and soft, so the hem does not stiff even if you roll up a couple of times.
If you have a good 1 or 2 rollup, I think it is better to cut and adjust.

 ■ Necessity of fabric and hemming of Marilyn2 (Marilyn2)

Like Marilyn (Marilyn 1), it is 100 % cotton, but it uses a 13.5 oz fabric made in Japan,Marilyn (Marilyn 1)The atmosphere is thicker than the American jeans compared to.

 As well, the length is a long setting, and the fabric has a little thickness, so there are many cases where it is rolled up once or twice or hemmed.Marilyn2 (Marilyn 2)Because the hem width is narrow, I think that it is better to have a clean and beautiful silhouette to be raised.

Coordination example

■ Marilyn (Marilyn) 1 coordination example

Marilyn Corde
Height 164cm. I have 2 roll up. Combine a short Vintage blouse and a ballet shoes of Porseli to make a feminine impression.

Denim Marilin dressingHeight 164cm. I have 2 roll up. Combine the vest of RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed). Easy to move with Birken.

 Marilyn 1 coordinatingHeight 164cm. I have 2 roll up.It is cute even if you combine the sneakers.

Because it is denim, the ease of matching is outstanding. The beautiful silhouette from the waist stands out by matching the tack -in or short length tops.

 Because it has a thick and round silhouette and has a hem width, it is an impression that it is often used to match shoes without heels such as sneakers.

 Marilyn (Marilyn) 2 coordination example

Marilyn 2 has a thin hem width, so you can wear it cool by matching it with heel shoes and leather shoes as well as sneakers.

Marilyn 2 denim coordinatesHeight 164cm. The hem is an image cut. In accordance with the down coat of RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed). Wearing leather shoes and cool.

Marilyn 2 Corde AnatomicaHeight 164cm. The hem is an image cut.Combined with the Citi Swagger Coat, it has a mature atmosphere.

Marilyn Ⅱ Corde Anatomica
Height 164cm. The hem is an image cut.It goes well with Vintage tops of patterns.

 This is the explanation of the model Marilyn series that represents the ladies of Anatomica (Anatomica). The same type of British corduroy fabric, which is the same type as 618MARILYN (Marilyn), is also very cute. Please have a look.

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