ANATOMICA WAKOUWA(アナトミカ ワクワ)デッキシューズ - アール鎌倉

WAKOUWA sneakers have been received.

Wakouwa is a sneaker brand centered on deck shoes, which started developing an Anatomica sports label in 2008.

Originally, Wakouwa is a Swiss toy brand. Why did the toy brand become a sneaker brand? There was a story about two dogs.

The first is that Wakouwa was making toys imitating dogs.
Wakouwa begins as a Swiss manufacturer that manufactures and sells wooden toys imitating animals such as dogs and cats. In the 1950s, Pierre of Anatomica saw Wakouwa on a Christmas display at a department store L -Bon Marche in Paris when he was a child. At that time, I couldn't get it, and after I was an adult, I found and purchased a Wakouwa toy in a flea market, but my favorite thoughts worked and it wasn't used anymore.WakouwaI registered the brand and registered it as my own brand.

The second dog story is that Wakouwa (Wakuwa) is used in Spelly Sole.
Initially, the release of Anatomica (Anatomica )'s first denim, with Mr. Teramoto of 35summers, who became a partner, has started a plan to make a canvas sneaker using a so -called spelly sole called Slipping.

The birthplace of Spelly Sole is the beginning of the creation of a deck shoe that uses the outsole developed by a captain named Paul Spelly, inspired by his dog's paws. Mr. Spelly focused on the fact that only his dog did not slip his feet on a wet yacht deck, and thought that the gaps made when the dog's paws were expanded was playing a grip.

The Swiss dog's toy and the story of Spelly's dog were fused, and a brand with dogs as the main character was named Wakouwa.


Wakouwa, which was born in this way, developed an original last (wooden type) and completed 12 sample production, about three years. The characteristics of this wooden type have an "asymmetric inside straight out curve" shape peculiar to the Orthodic shoes (medical orthodontic shoes). In other words, it fits the shape of the human foot, and the shoes themselves are fixed at the arch, and the discarding of the fingertips creates a stress -free comfort.

In addition, a Vulcanized manufacturing method, which has now been reduced in mass production, has been adopted, and instead of sewing the upper and rubber sole of sneaker canvas and rubber, it is pushed to achieve a softer comfort that is closer to bare feet.

WAKOUWA sneakers have measured their feet and tested the size before selling them in order to experience the best comfort.

Customers who have not yet measured their feet have measured their feet once, and recommend shopping and mail order afterwards.

A new color appeared in the spring and summer of 2021. There are three colors: orange, the theme color of the Earl, the gold of the spring -like yellow color, and the reprinted tongue.



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