RockyMountainFeatherbed ChristyVest (ロッキーマウンテンフェザーベッド クリスティベスト)を徹底解説します。

Rockymountain featurbed cristyess.

Rocky Mountain Feather Bed Christity Best Commentary
CHRISTY VEST is the most immovable downwear of Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed). It is the ultimate down vest with exquisitely matched the combination of the natural material of the neck, the one -piece leather yoke and the different material combination of nylon.

This time,I would like to be able to touch on the material of Christy Vest and why the temperature is excellent, the sense of size, coordination, and dressing.

Here are some materials common to Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed).

● The 70 -denier custom high density nylon taffeta is amazing

Rocky Mountain Feather Bed Downwear Nylonfta

This nylon is indispensable for downwear for Rocky Mountain Featherbed. 35summers developed this material more than 10 years ago. It is an original nylonfta of super -confident work that has been researched since the 2005 trademark acquisition. It is a classic texture tough material that is completely different from the current mainstream thin and soft nylon.

Despite retaining the texture of that time, he succeeded in developing materials that match the current quality, and thanks to the development of this fabric, it has been a long -term collaboration with WareHouse, famous for its manufacturing, and expands as a brand. I did it.

again,General nylonfta gives waterproofness by coating (applying resin) on the surface, but loses its airy. Ensuring breathability is essential for downwear.

In order to make up for this drawback, Nylonfta of Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed) does not perform coating, ensures breathability by processing sirele (down ballo -prevention processing), and has 120% of the number of drives. By increasing the amount, it has the same waterproofness of coding. In addition, due to high density, the air has been passed through the air, but the wings have a structure that is difficult to come out on the surface.

● You can enjoy aging, one -piece leather yoke

About Rocky Mountain Vest Downwear Leather

Leather yoke is made of ONE PIECE (one -piece cut) cowhide from the chest to the shoulder. The combination of tannins (you can enjoy aging) and chromium (soft and strong intensity) has led to a good leather with strength and softness, leaving the natural texture of the leather.

The aging of this leather york is one of the most enjoyable elements to keep up with Rocky Mountain Featherbed for a long time.

● Mouton made of natural materials that can be used as a muffler

About Rocky Mountain Feather Bed Christie Mouton

In the Christy series, the neck has a mouton, and even in the cold winter season, it warms the neck without a muffler. This mouton, which has the elegance of the appearance, is a natural wool from the United States and is natural because it is natural. Therefore, depending on the season, it is interesting to have a difference in facial expressions, such as rolling hair or close hair.


● Natural down is amazing

Down Rocky Mountain

The series, which is called Heritage of Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed), has made things updated to the modern version to recreate the manufacturing method and reproduction at the time. Many of the current outdoor manufacturers use scientifically develop and use the equivalent of the same performance, such as Primaloft and batting, which is easy to handle, but Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed) all use natural materials down. I am.

The advantage of natural down is that it expands by containing air, that is, Phil Power, so it tends to be warm and longer than chemical fibers.

In addition, if it gets wet due to rain, it is considered a natural enemy because the air swelling function will decrease, but it is perfect for wearing outdoors because it is water -repellent. (Please note that it is not for waterproofing or rainy days).

The down I am currently using is a duck down from European. The percentage is 90 % down and a feather of 10 %, and the quality of the fill power, which indicates the bulge of down, is 700, which can be used in the outdoor environment.

The larger the value of the fill power, the more air contains air, and the heat insulation effect of the air is excellent in heat retention, and it is said to be warm and high -quality down. Down with more than 700 fill power belongs to high quality, keeps the heat from the body warm and keeps warm state.

In order to keep the quality further, we are cleaning down in Japan.

● Reproduce the manufacturing method at that time without using a down pack

Rocky Mountain Down

Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed) nylon material items do not use down packs. This was a trial and error whether I wanted to reproduce the manufacturing method at the time, so I could make it without a pack. By developing the original nylon, we have successfully secured a structure with no blowing wings while securing the path of air, and succeeded in reproducing the manufacturing method at the time.

In other words, down is packed directly under the nylon. childThe advantage is that it can be reduced in weight, and that you can feel the down near your body, so your heat retention will be much better.

(Down packs are like a bag to wrap to prevent the down from wiping out. By inserting it, you can prevent the down ballo and omission of down to 100 %, but the downtable bulge of the down can be reduced. There is a disadvantage that the weight of the down pack comes out.)

● The reproduction of the button is high

Rocky Mountain Feather Bed Downwear button

In accordance with the original rules at the time of Rocky Mountain Featherbed, Down Vest (Down Best) has Dot button and Christie Vest (Christie Vest) adopts pearl buttons, all of these buttons are available. The shape of the shape of the claws is reprinted. At first, this type is out of print, just to complete this down product.Specially reproduced.

It is hard to notice, but I feel enthusiasm for not being able to pull out around here. In addition, the RMFB engraved on the back of the pedestal.

● Easy to use 2 -layer pockets

Rocky Mountain Feather Bed Downwear 2 layer pocket

The pockets on the left and right of the front are separated into two layers inside. One is like a hand warmer and the other is closed with Velcro, so it is perfect for putting things. In addition, the inner pocket with a zipper uses a zipper with a stopped bracket on both the vintage.

● About the size

Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed) usually has 6 sizes. The size notation is 36,38,40, not the S.M.L notation. It is surprising that this detailed size has been developed since then, but we have inherited this.

The detailed size setting has a widespread choice for customers and has the advantage of choosing a small size, but on the other hand, I think it is difficult to understand which size to choose.

In my experience, if you wear a general Japanese S size, size 36 or 38. Most people are 38 when they wear M size, 40 for those with good physique. If you wear L size, 40 or 42. I wear 42 for 180cm and 80kg.

Beige TAN Super standard color in Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed). Denim, chino, slacks, and easy -to -wear colors that can be dressed in any style.

If you put the same color system somewhere on the coordination, or match the color of leather shoes and leather yoke, I think that the coordination will be tightened.

I wrote the size a little more detail, so here →Click here for details of the size

● Summary

 Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain FeatherBed), which is a product that exceeds the original by thoroughly researching the models at the time and updating all the materials with reprints. First of all, I would like you to try this Christy vest.

Click here for Christy Vest.

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