The new products are in stock. / We are having a winter clearance sale.


  • アール鎌倉のメールマガジンをスタートします。

    A'r139 Kamakura(アール鎌倉)のメールマガジンをスタートします。 最新の入荷情報や、割引クーポン等、お得な情報をお届け致します。 週1度の配信を予定しております。 ●登録方法 こちらからメールアドレスを登録ください。A'r139 Kamakura News Letterその後、確...
  • Senken Shimbun, Kama-no-Fusama, I had it published in the media.

    It was published by [Senken Shimbun], which boasts the largest scale as an apparel industry paper, and [Kamakurafu], a website that transmits the c...
  • MAX ¥ 15,000 OFF CAMPAIGN Starts.

    Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, many people may be refraining from going out or may not be able to go shopping as they wish. So...
  • A'r139 Kamakura will be grand opening!

      The actual store of A'r139 Kamakura will open its grand opening on Saturday, January 9, 2021. We will hold an opening event to celebrate the ope...
  • A'r139 Kamakura (Brick-and-Mortar Store) Year-end and New Year Holidays

    Thank you very much for always using our store. It is a guide of the business schedule of the new year's holiday of the physical store of A'r139 Ka...
  • A'r139 Kamakura store will open!

    A'r139 Kamakura will open in Ogigayatsu, Kamakura on December 20, 2020. As the Kamakura store of Rocky Mountain FeatherbedWe carry brands such as R...
  • We hold the campaign event of free shipping to Asia.

    We will hold the campaign event of free shipping to Asia.
    Thank you very much for using our store.
    Then we will start to hold the campaign event of free shipping for customers from foreign countries.

    ●We are holding an overseas free shipping campaign for Asia.
    Thank you for always using our store.
    We are holding a free shipping campaign for overseas customers.

  • I started the indie jewelry wrapping.

    Christmas is coming up in December, isn't it?Are you ready for a Christmas gift? We started wrapping the indie jewelry in our store.I have a whispe...
  • About International Shipping services.

    Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, overseas shipping is currentlyWe are limited to a part of the Asian region. Also, even in the same are...
  • [13% off for all products] will be held. / We Are Going to Hold Opening Event of "Dispose 13% for All"

    A'r139 Kamakura celebrates the opening of an online shop
    We will hold an event with 13% off all products only for customers who use our shop for the first time.

    This Is (video)A'r139 Kamakura store.We Are Going to Hold Opening Event of "Discount 13% for all" to our first time customers from 3rd-November-2020.

    A'r139 Kamakura 온라인스토어 개점 이벤트를 개최합니다.
    11 월 3일부터 A'r139Kamakura는 온라인스터어 개점을 축하하여 처음 이용하시는 고객님 한정으로 전 상품 13% 할인 이벤트를 개최합니다.

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