About care and repair of down products

RockyMountainFeatherbed downwearIt is tough to wear every day, but with proper care, you can wear it for a long time. Please refer to the daily care so that you can enjoy the changes over time.

● Care after use

The easiest thing to get started is to hang it on a hanger after wearing it.
In order to maintain the bulge of the down, I think it is better to always hang it during the season instead of putting it in a storage case.
Also, if you store it in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight, the fabric will not be damaged easily.

In order to preserve the thermal insulation capacity, please keep your down garment on a coat hanger or equivalent so as not to lose the loft (fluffiness) of the down. When the loft is properly preserved, the down can effectively trap the warm air to be the better insulator. Store in the well-ventilated place. Also, avoid the direct sunlight in order to minimize the damage to the fabric.


● Processing when down pops out

RockyMountainFeatherbed downwear uses the original ultra-high density nylon, so feathers do not pop out from the texture of the fabric, but due to its structure.In rare cases, feathers may pop out. In addition, since it is unavoidable to pop out from the seams, we will inform you what to do if feathers appear.

If it comes out of the texture of the fabric, pinch the feathers from the back side of the fabric where it comes out and pull it back into the garment. By gently rubbing the part where the feathers were coming out, the missing marks will disappear. It is an image of putting down inside and letting it blend in. Do not pull it out forcibly.

If it comes out of the seam, you can remove it by sticking it with tape and peeling it off.

The down may come through the texture of the fabric or the seamline in rare occasions. In case the down comes through the seamline, please remove the protrusion with a packing tape. In case it comes through the texture, pinch the protrusion from the opposite side and pull back inside. Once the protrusion is gone, gently rub the fabric to ease off the trace hole.


● About cleaning the leather yoke

As stated on the quality label, we recommend that you ask a leather clothing cleaning company. A regular dry cleaner may contact a specialty store, so please check with your local dry cleaner. There are also specialty stores where you can request cleaning from the Internet. The following can be consulted and quoted from the Internet.

As the care label shows, garments with the leather yoke cannot be laundered. We recommend you to bring them to professional cleaners who can handle leather items.

Kobane Leather Co., Ltd. (http://www.kobahikaku.co.jp/

● Nylon care

It is about what to do when the nylon part gets dirty.
Dissolve soap or a neutral detergent in water, soak the liquid in a soft sponge or brush, and wipe off the dirt as if polishing. After that, rinse only the part with detergent thoroughly with water.

Dissolve soap or neutral detergent in water, soak a soft sponge or a brush with the liquid to wipe off the soil in a polishing action. Then, rinse the soaped part well with water. Do NOT wet any other parts.


● Care for leather

The leather yoke may get dusty or dirty. At that time, brush or wipe dry to remove dirt. If there are strong stains or stains, take a small amount of leather cleaner on a soft cloth and wipe off the stains. For daily maintenance, take a small amount of leather-retaining oil or cream on a soft cloth and apply it thinly and evenly over the entire surface. Store it by hanging it on a hanger until the oil penetrates. * Be sure to apply a leather cleaner or leather oil or cream in an inconspicuous place before using it.

For stubborn stains or smudges, take a small amount of the leather cleaner on a soft cloth and wipe off. As a daily maintenance, use a soft cloth and spread a small amount of leather conditioner cream or oil evenly to form a thin veil. Leave the conditioned garment on a coat hanger or equivalent until the oil penetrates into the leather. area for color fastness before using globally.


● Care for Mouton

Since it is the part that hits directly around the neck, many people may be concerned about dirt.
Tap lightly to remove dust and dirt, or if it is strong dirt, dissolve soap or neutral detergent in water, soak it in a soft sponge or cloth, and tap it gently to wipe off the dirt.

Pat gently to shake off the dust and soil. For stubborn stains, dissolve soap or neutral detergent in water, soak a soft sponge or a piece of cloth with the liquid and tap gently to remove.


● About repair

The content of common repairs is that something is caught or a fire such as a cigarette hits the nylon part and a hole is opened. In this case, stick the same nylon material from above to prevent holes. Since it is covered from above with the same material, it can be repaired inconspicuously. However, it may be difficult to repair due to large holes or the degree, so please contact us once.

Please see the Rocky Mountain Featherbed repair page for details on repair fees.