How to measure the size of the ring

The ring of Indian jewelry that colors your fingertips is very useful as a fashion item and as a talisman.

It would be nice if it fits your ring size perfectly.

This time, I will introduce how to measure your own ring size.

■ What to prepare
Elongated paper (thick string can be used as a substitute), ruler, tape, pen

How to measure a ring

1. Wrap the prepared paper around the finger you want to measure. The thinner the paper, the more accurate the size can be. The paper is neither loose nor cramped and is wrapped tightly on your fingers.

Ring size

2. Mark the overlapping parts of the paper with a pen.

How to measure a ring

3. 3. Measure the length from the edge of the paper to the mark with a ruler.

Ring size

Four. Based on the measured length, check the number in the table below.

How to measure the ring

Also, if you have a soft and thin tape measure, you can wrap it around and measure.

How to measure a ring 

Since the fingers may swell, there is a slight size variation depending on the measurement time. When measuring, I think that you can measure the size more accurately if you measure it several times after a while when you are in good physical condition.

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