Indian Jewelly Symbols

Indian jewelry is comfortable to wear and to feel the happiness of wearing yourself properly, and to tighten the coordination. In addition, I think that it is a very versatile item that can be used as a tool to inspire yourself by wearing it here and there.

I met Indian jewelry when I was in my twenties.
Not only the design, but also the historical background, unique view of the world and thought were known, and I was fascinated by it. Since then, I buy and collect them one by one on my birthday every year.

Also, everything in the collection is vintage. I am attracted to the body that has changed over time, and I choose it because I can feel the joy of being able to enter the cycle by handing over what someone has been wearing with care and living.

Last year, I went on a world trip, which has been my dream for many years. I want to touch the real Indian jewelry and its history for a long time! Because I thought, I would stop by the southwestern part of the United States. I came across some wonderful Indian jewelry and brought it back to Japan with great care.

This time, I would like to talk about the symbol engraved on the vintage Indian jewelry I bought.

Thunderbirds are legendary birds that command thunder and wind. It is said as a bird that brings happiness from the image of the rain of grace brought about by thunder.

Rain is a symbol of a good work and means abundance. It is said that wishes such as prosperity of descendants and fulfillment of long-cherished wishes are also included.

The mark is called swastika, and it seems that four Ls are combined. The meaning of LUCK, LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE was introduced respectively, and it was a good luck adthrever.

Thunderbird Track is the footprint of the legendary bird Thunderbird. It expresses expectations for a happy and bright future.


Turtle is the keeper of water and a symbol of longevity and health.

The jaw of a rattlesnake means strength or power.

Feathers represent welcome, friendship, and peace. Native Americans have a wonderful custom of presenting feathers as proof of friendship.

Arrow means guardian. It has been used as a motif to protect oneself.

Because each symbol has meaning like this, it will become existence like your adthes by wearing it.

I selected vintage Indian jewelry that suits any outfit and is just right even if I wear it like a tego every day, and I can pretend to be myself casually.

It's only 40 to 90 years old. I hope that Indian jewelry, which someone has cherished, can help enrich the lives of the next person in hand.