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SIZE: 15/15H/16

COLOR: Blue / Gray

ORIGIN: Made in Japan

MATERIAL: 100%Cotton

BIG YANK's classic chambray shirt, 1935 model. This type of design was registered as a cigarette pocket in 1929 and is commonly known as Gacha Pocket.

The 1935 model is a very popular item because you can experience the interesting details of the Big Yank.

First of all, there is a chest pocket called Gacha Pocket. There is a space between the bottom of the pocket and the body fabric to protect the cigarettes stored in the pocket from sweat and moisture. This feature was a detail that earned the company a trademark as the cigarettes at the time were notorious for being difficult to get wet.

Next are the storm cuffs. These cufflinks do not have sword rags that prevent the sleeve from getting caught in the machine. The details of these cuffs allow for room around the arm even when the button is closed, making it easy to move around.

The yoke on the back is called a strain-proof yoke, and has a yoke shape that gently curves like a mountain to relieve the stress on your back.

As for the fabric, it is old.This is a domestic chambray that was originally developed by researching Big Yank chambray. Made of 100% cotton, it will age like a vintage item as you wear it. This is commonly known as Betashan, and by using indigo thread both vertically and horizontally, it has a beautiful indigo blue color.

The Gacha Pocket part uses a metal button with Big Yank's stamp on it, and the rest uses a resin button with a diamond shape, the trademark of Big Yank's parent company Reliance Manufacturing.

The sewing surface has also been faithfully reproduced to the original specifications, resulting in a quality that can be mistaken for vintage.

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