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1940-50's Gustavsberg Granit SWEDISH MILITARY

1940-50's Gustavsberg Granit SWEDISH MILITARY

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Brand: Gustavsberg (Gustavisbury)

Size: diameter 24.5 cm / depth 4.5 cm

Series: GRANIT

Origin: Made in Sweden

Condition: Dead Stock Stock

Swedish Luxury Ceramics Maker, Gustavasbergian pottery dishes.

This is a millimeter model with Swedish's three crown in the rim, and is in 1940-1950s.

It is a dish with a simple and very atmosphere with a thick and firm manner of military specifications.

Since it is a bit deepened, it is a sense of size that works to work with salads and simmered dishes, soup.

In addition to a large number of popular models in Vintage Markets, such as Versa, Gustavisberg, as well as a large number of series, and I think that it often often appears in the city of Nordic, such as Sweden, but it is often found in a standard, but this military delivery Model is a highly rarous dish that is not found.


■ This is a dead Stock Vintage product. Depending on the aging of years of storage, there may be some scratches and dirt. We ask these conditions for your focus on the characteristics of the dead stock vintage and purchase.

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