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1960's L.L.Bean Chamois Shirt -Yellow Beige

1960's L.L.Bean Chamois Shirt -Yellow Beige

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Brand: L.L.Bean / El Eel Bean

Size: 14 1/2 (notation)

Color: Yellow beige

Origin: Made in USA

Material: 100% Cotton

Condition: USED 


This is a chamoa shirt from the writing body era with the notation of L.L.Bean in the 1960s.

◎ Detail
The front is equipped with two pockets with a flap. The diagonal flap pocket has been used by the brand for a long time.

◎ fabric
100 % cotton chamoacross. L.L.BeanThen, it has been a shirt using Shamoa Cross for more than 90 years, and it is a material that represents the brand. It is a thick cotton flannel material that is thick and has a good touch and has excellent heat retention.

◎ Size
The size notation is 14 1/2. For details on the size, please check the size chart.

◎ Condition
This is a USED product. There is a feeling of use, and the back can be rubbed over 11cm x 11cm. There are several pink paint stains on the right cuff, white paint stains on the left chest pocket, the right chest pocket and the right side, and more detailed dirt on the back.

■ This is a vintage product.Due to many years of use and aging due to storageThere may be damage or dirt.After understanding these conditions as the characteristics of vintage, we ask for purchase.

■ Regarding the image of the product, it may differ slightly from the real thing depending on the browsing environment of the browser and personal computer you are looking. Please understand in advance.
THE PRODUCT IN THE IMAGE IS A SAMPLE. Actual Product and Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc.

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