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1970's US Army M65 Field Jacket

1970's US Army M65 Field Jacket

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SIZE: unknown

COLOR: Olive


MATERIAL: Shell 50%Cotton / 50%Nylon
Lining 100%Cotton


This is the 3rd model of the US military M65 field jacket produced around the 1970s. Since the mil-spec tag is missing, we cannot determine the size or year, but we believe it is a 1970s model based on the details.

The M65 field jacket is a famous model that was worn by Robert De Niro in the movie [TAXI DRIBER].

Its adoption period is long, and the M65 field jacket isin 1965It is one of the best masterpieces that was produced from its birth until around 1986. This jacket was made for fighting in cold regions during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, so it has a stand-up collar, Velcro on the collar and cuffs, and a double layered lining to keep it warm against the cold.

The length is such that it either covers your hips or doesn't. The front opens and closes with a GENERAL zipper fly (brass zipper) and buttons. There are four flap pockets on the front.
Stand-up collar. There is a Velcro strap on the collar so it can be firmly fixed. In addition, the collar usually has a built-in hood, but this product is missing the hood.

Epaulette on the shoulders and action pleats on the arms. The sleeves have Velcro and the sleeve width can be adjusted.
There are built-in drawcords at the waist and hem, so you can change the silhouette by tightening them.

This item is also lined with OG107 ripstop fabric.

The fabric is a thick cotton nylon material suitable for cold regions. It is a durable and windproof material.

Due to the missing tag, the size description is unknown, but the size is about Small-Regular from the actual size. Please check the size chart for size details.
Wearer in product image: 180cm / 80kg

This is a used product. The hood, which is normally stored in the collar, is missing. There is damage of about 5 cm and about 1 cm on the left hem. In addition, there are small stains on the back, and multiple faint black stains on the front and arms.


■This is a vintage product. There is dirt, damage, and aging due to long-term use and storage. Please understand these conditions as vintage characteristics before purchasing.

■The images of posted products may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the viewing environment of the browser, computer, etc. you are viewing. Thank you for your understanding.

■About the product
The product in the image is a sample.Actual product and color, specifications, processing, size, material, etc. may be slightly different.

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