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314 Jayne IV PIQUE

314 Jayne IV PIQUE

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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

Size: 23/24/25 / 26 /27 /28

Color: stone

Origin: Made in Japan

Material: 100% Cotton


Anatomica (Anatomica) Ladies has launched the "314 Jayne" series.This 314 Jayne IV PIQUE is a model made with reference to American vintage ladies denim.
Like the 618 (numbers representing the golden ratio φ) series, the 314 was named from the Greek word π, that is, the pi (3.14).

The rise is deep,From the bottom of the hip to the hemA gentle tapered silhouette.He / she finishes a beautiful back.Slimfit pants with a silhouette close to Marilyn 2 of the 618 series.
The front is a zipper fly. The back patch of the synthetic leather uses a new design that contains anatomica logo.

The fabric is an original pike material with 100%cotton. Pike is a double -woven fabric that features ridges like corduroy, and is a texture that can be worn all year round.

The size development is available from 23 to 28 inches. Please see the size chart for details.


■ Because it is delivered without washing, it shrinks due to washing. With water washing, sun -dried, a waist 0.5-1cm, hips 1-2cm, 2cm in length, 2cm in length, so if you are hemming, please go through the water.

■ Regarding the image of the product, it may differ slightly from the real thing depending on the browsing environment of the browser and personal computer you are looking. Please understand in advance.

The Product in The Image is a Sample.actuct And Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc. MAY BE SLIGHTLY DIFENT.

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