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Ahrend's PrijScourant 66

Ahrend's PrijScourant 66

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Size: Length 26.5cm / Width 19.0cm

Ahrend (Aleen) is a Netherlands furniture manufacturer. With Mr. Friso KramerIt is a company representing Mid Century in the Netherlands, such as manufacturing REVOLT CHAIR (revolt chair).

This isAhrend (Ahren)J A product catalog issued from J Ahrend & Zoon will be before the 1950s.
Although there is no statement that indicates the age, it is considered as a pretty old age since many company names and types of typewriters are sold.

Ahrend (Aaren) started their business from 1896 and sold production stands and compasses. Sell ​​industrial design products such as office furniture from 1926, and thenIn 1947, you will receive a steel product company called DE CIRKEL under the umbrella.

After that, the Dutch Industrial Design is super-famous designer, Froso KlamerFor AhrendDesigned REVOLT CHAIR (revolt chair) and ResultCChairResult chair)Ahrend /From De CirkelIt was released. They are products that represent the Netherlands industry design with products with many collectors in Japan.

This catalog is published from industrial design such as lockers and shelves, furniture such as chests, desks, stools, etc., etc. .

This catalog was quite searched, but the same thing is not found, it will be a very rare collector item that remains in this state, so I would like to get it for those who like Friso Kramar and Dutch furniture.

There is no noticeable damage or dirt, but there are some damage and dirt due to many years of storage.


■ This is a vintage catalog. There may be a long-standing aging, and there is damage or dirt. We ask for these conditions as a vintage characteristic and have you purchased it.

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