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Antique Embroidery Drawstring Bag --8

Antique Embroidery Drawstring Bag --8

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SIZE: Height 31cm x Width 19.5cm (including top and bottom lace parts)

ORIGIN: Made in Transylvania

MATERIAL: Cotton / Linen

CONDITION: Deadstock


This is a drawstring bag produced in the 1920s. This is a small embroidery bag in the shape of a so-called drawstring bag.

The front features traditional embroidery from Transylvania. The top and bottom of the bag have lace for a gorgeous look.

The inside size for storing luggage is approximately 22cm x 19.5cm. The size is large enough to hold a bifold wallet, smartphone, pass case, handkerchief, lipstick, etc.
The string part is long enough to be carried in your hand or hung on your elbow. Please refer to the 4th image (Please note that the item worn in the 4th image is a reference item).

The Transylvania region is ancient and was influenced by Roman civilization during the Roman era, and before World War I it was part of the Kingdom of Hungary, and now belongs to Romania. It is famous for its embroidery, which is popular in Japan, such as Irasoshosh and Iratsok.

This is a dead stock antique product. There are some scratches and dirt, but there is no noticeable damage and the condition is good. This is a very beautiful and rare item.


■This is a dead stock product. Some dirt and fading, etc.There is some aging due to long storage.Please understand these conditions as characteristics of dead stock products before purchasing.

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