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BD Shirt Ideal Oxford --MAIZE

BD Shirt Ideal Oxford --MAIZE

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Brand: Anatomica / Anatomica

Size: S / M / L

Color: Maize

Origin: Made in Japan

Material: 100% Cotton

A classic American -style button -down shirt developed standard in Anatomica.

◎ Silhouette and detail
The biggest feature is the 6 button specification design. By referring to the unique balance of the front buttons manufactured by Brooks Brothers with six wide intervals, and the specifications that the curls at the neck are beautiful.AnatomicaIt is the first place with a unique pattern.
The button interval is widened by setting six buttons, and the balance when the first button is opened is outstanding. The collarA little longerIt is a three -finger roll with three fingers, and the curl at the neck looks beautiful and beautiful.

Compared to the neck and shoulders, the width is plenty and the hem is a classic finish with a round cut. You can wear it beautifully by tack -in or tack -out.

One simple pocket is placed on the left chest.

◎ fabric
The fabric is an Oxford fabric created by the vintage. The thick fabric feeling customized from the thread can be used for a long time.

◎ Size
The size is S, M, and L size. Please check the size chart for the size details.
Product image wearer: 180cm / 80kg / L size wearing


■ Because it is delivered without washing, it will shrink a little by washing. In the case of washing with water and natural drying, the length, sleeve length, and bust shrink around 1cm. Please be careful when choosing a size.

■ Regarding the image of the product, it may differ slightly from the real thing depending on the browsing environment of the browser and personal computer you are looking. Please understand in advance.

The Product in The Image is a Sample.actuct And Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc. MAY BE SLIGHTLY DIFENT.

 For inquiries about the product,HerePlease feel free to contact us.

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