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Centinela Chimayo Vest Deadstock -Ginger

Centinela Chimayo Vest Deadstock -Ginger

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Brand: Centinela Traditonal Arts / Sentinella Traditional Arts

Size: 38 (notation)

Color: ginger

Origin: Made in USA

Material: 100% Wool



Chimayo best of Centinela Traditonal Arts. This is the first place in the dead stock condition around the 1990s.

◎ Detail
Gire -type Chimayo Best. The front button is a concho button. This conchobotan is used in the United States with an Indian motif nickel button manufactured from 1913 to 1938. In addition, two pockets are included on the left and right.

◎ Fabric and material
The biggest feature of Chimayo Best is a special fabric that is hand -woven wool of natural dyeing.By our handsThe warm fabric, which is carefully woven by hand -woven wool, is a unique gem like art.It is an item of a lifetime thing that is familiar to each use and enjoys aging.

◎ About size
The size notation is 38. Please refer to the size chart for details.

◎ Condition
This is a dead stock product. Good condition without noticeable damage or dirt. The nickel button has aging such as scratches and darkening due to sulfate.

◎ Centinela Traditonal Arts / Sentinella Traditional Arts
Along with Ortega's and Trujillo's, Centinela Traditonal Arts, one of the three chimayo weaving brands.
It is a brand founded by Irvin Turfilio, an independent of ORTEGA'S, in the village of Chimayo, New Mexico in 1982. In the 17th century, chimayo weaving was born from a unique culture that mixed the culture of native American and Spanish immigrants, and it still inherits its traditions and manufacturing methods and continues to make manufacturing.


■ This is a dead stock vintage product. There is an aging change due to many years of storage, and there may be scratches and dirt. We ask for purchase after understanding these conditions as the characteristics of dead stock vintage.

■ Regarding the image of the product, it may differ slightly from the real thing depending on the browsing environment of the browser and personal computer you are looking. Please understand in advance.

The Product in The Image is a Sample.actuct And Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc. MAY BE SLIGHTLY DIFENT.

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