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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

SIZE: 30/32/34/36

COLOR: Beige

Origin: Made In Japan

Material: 100% COTTON


Anatomica (Anatomica) CHINO II (Chino 2) continues to be made without changing from the beginning of the release, and a standard item that does not depend on the epidemic.
A beautiful silhouette with a shiny high dough is a tough, and it is a chinopan that can be worn in the elegance.

The only design that combines American army Tinotrausors with a slight silhouette of the 1960s and classic details around the 1940s.
The crotch is deep and tapped towards the hem and is characterized by a silhouette that can be worn cleanly and cleanly.

The front is a button fly, and the urea button used here is also custom-made. It is hard to crack and durable.

The pocket is left and right and two behind. The front right pocket is a watch pocket for putting a pocket watch etc., and both back pockets are pockets of both balls, and the left is a pocket of the button.

Fabric was made with custom-made100% cotton wepon material. Weapon material comes from the location name WestPoint in the United States of New York. Westpoint is a famous area that has a Westpoint Cadet School. It is a wepon material that reproduced the material paid at the host of this waist point.
By using the Miko's Sanko-Cotton's Miko thread, the touch is good and there is a sense of gloss and a clean talented fabric. Needle's threadBy twisting into the Miko thread, the strength is increased and the tough is a very tough finish.


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