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Aloha Blossom



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BRAND: Aloha Blossom  / Aloha Blossom

SIZE: 40/42/44

COLOR: Orange

ORIGIN: Made in Japan

MATERIAL : 100% Rayon


Aloha Blossom is an aloha shirt brand represented by artist Kiyosaku Ue. Made of 100% rayon, this Aloha shirt is smooth to the touch and is comfortable to wear, making it a piece you can wear for a long time.

◎Details and silhouette
A classic aloha shirt pattern with an open collar and box silhouette.
One simple pocket is placed on the left chest. It is finished with the same fine stitching as a dress shirt.
Additionally, each Aloha shirt comes with an original blue and yellow box, in which each shirt will be delivered to you.

Aloha BlossomOriginal 100% rayon fabric is used. Made of beautiful material with a drapey feel and a moderate luster. It feels cool when you put it through your sleeves, and it doesn't get sticky even when you sweat, making it the perfect material for Japan's humid summers.

Available in 3 sizes: 40(S), 42(M), and 44(L). Please check the size chart for size details.
Wearer in product image: 180cm / 80kg / wearing size 44

[Aloha Blossom]
Aloha Blossom values ​​the idea that finding the "luxe" for yourself is "true luxury/Re luxe", and by wearing Aloha Blossom, you can make your everyday life even a little bit more. May you be in a good mood, not only yourself but also everyone around you. It is a brand that incorporates the desire to deliver ``Relax'', which is ``true luxury / Re luxe''.


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