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Ina Seifart

HAARGUMMI Set of 3 -Natural Mix

HAARGUMMI Set of 3 -Natural Mix

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Brand: INA Seifart / Ina Seifato

Size: Beads diameter 1.0cm

Color: Natural Mix

Origin: Made in Germany

Material: Beads / Elastic Band


Berlin's designer Ina Seifato started in 2002[INA SEIFART /Ina Seifert]. It is an accessory brand that is handmade in the Atelier in Berlin, using materials procured in Germany.
Ina Seiferto gained experience under a maison brand such as Louis Vuitton, Chloe and Valenciaga, and founded his brand in 2002. It is a brand that has received worldwide evaluation, along with world -famous select shops and museums, such as Colette in Paris, MOMA in New York, and London's V & A Museum.

This is "Haargummi Set of 3". A hair elastic made of wooden beads and rubber bands. Because it is a 3 -piece set, it can be used properly according to the mood of the day. Because it is long enough to be attached to the wrist, it can be worn like a bracelet.
In addition to this Natural Mix, Pastel Mix and Retro Mix color are also available. Please have a look.


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