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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

Size: 25 / 26/27 / 28

Color: Black

Origin: Made in Japan

Material: 100 % Wool

"HARVEY PANTS", the long -awaited new pants for Anatomica (Anatomica), have appeared.

◎ Detail and silhouette
A model inspired by American vintage pants around the 1960s.
The front is zip fly. The waist is a classic design with two buttons.
The waist position is a little high waist. It is a beautiful silhouette tapered from a slightly loose waist to the hem. Each pocket is placed on the front side. There is no back pocket, and the clean back is fulfilled.

◎ fabric
The fabric is100%woolA slightly thick original fabric woven with a HoundStooth pattern.HOUNDS (Hounds) TOOTH (teeth), so it looks like a hounded fang, so it is named.A familiar plaid in Japan, also known as the staggered lattice. It is a traditional check pattern that was used in the Scottish clan (clan) in the old days.


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