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Brand: STAPF / Stap

Size: S (Ladies) / M (Mens)

Color: Charcoal

Origin: Made in Austria



A Tyrolean jacket of STARP, a brand that makes traditional Austrian shrimp wool products launched in 1958.

◎ Details and silhouettes
A relaxed no -color jacket.
The front comes with two pockets. The button is used for a traditional metal button. The button is a worship button specification, and can be fastened from either left and right. By changing the direction of the meeting part, it is possible to wear the front or left or left, so it is a recommended first place that can be worn regardless of gender.

◎ fabric
The shrinky wool fabric (a method of moistening wool and reduces with heat and finishes high density) is a material with excellent windproof and heat retention that is firmly clogged. It is a specification that was thought to be warm in the Tyrol region, which is below freezing in winter. The soft comfort and texture unique to natural materials is unique. Its texture can be worn for a long time, and it is an item that can be said to be a lifetime.

◎ Size
Two sizes of S and M are available. The S size is a ladies size, and the M size is equivalent to men's size.
Product image wearer: 165cm / s size wearing
Product image wearer: 180cm / 80kg / m size wear

◎ Stapf / Stap
Stap is a brand that Richard Stap Tyrol creates a traditional Austrian shrimp wool product launched in 1958. Once the brand was about to disappear due to financial collapse, the brand's fans, Katherine and Sebastian couples in 2017, succeeded the traces, and the traditional manufacturing was inherited.
It continues to produce on Michaelpacha -dori in Welgle, Southern Tyrol in Austria, the founding of Austria. While utilizing the unique technologies of making shrinking wool, we continued to challenge sophisticated manufacturing and environmentally friendly initiatives, and revived as a brand with fans around the world. Starf continues to create environmentally friendly products, and by 2025, we have been working as a vision to change most of wool products into organic materials.


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